Monthly Archives: May 2015

April 1911: ‘The wind…is inclined to blow my camera over’

Looking through Professor Haverfield’s photograph album, our eyes were caught by this postcard from ‘G.L.C.’ (anyone know who this might be?) which is a reminder that taking photographs was a tricky and time-consuming process. G.L.C. was probably using a collapsible field camera, which would still have been a heavy piece of equipment. The camera would have […]

Counting down to the HEIR tagging website launch!

The HEIR tagging website will be going live on May 14th! KeepThinking are doing an amazing job of making the whole thing useable and finding places where we can add content to improve the site. The Institute of Archaeology’s IT expert, Jeremy Worth, is working closely with HEIR’s computer genius, Tony Randall, and Janice is […]