Dating our Stonehenge Images

Thank you, Chris Catling. You’ve helped us date our images!

As a subscriber to Current Archaeology, I always look forward to this magazine dropping through my postbox each month. The new October 2015 issue, however, held a real surprise for me, as it had an article that linked directly to the HEIR archive of Stonehenge images.

Although a good number of the 50 pictures of Stonehenge in the collection are dated, we had many that were not. In some cases people are included in the pictures allowing us a clue at the dates, but we were always hoping for more information. On pages 28 and 29 of the magazine, there are pictures showing the straightening of Stone 56 in 1901. Using that reference date, we were able to divide our undated images with Stone 56 in them into pre- and post-1901 groups for the first time. So we now know that this image, part of the James Valentine photographic archive, was made before 1901:

J. V. : England: Wiltshire: "4041 Stonehenge J.V." "STONEHENGE. 3966 J.V." "XY.[obscured character]e 180.1" before 1901

 “4041 Stonehenge J.V.” “STONEHENGE. 3966 J.V.” “XY.[obscured character]e 180.1” 

while this one must have been taken after the completion of the 1901 works…

Instarch: England: Wiltshire: "STONEHENGE: GENERAL VIEW" "WILTS." "Oaksbury Inn (?)  Davidic[torn label]" "XYe"  1901 or later

“STONEHENGE: GENERAL VIEW” “WILTS.” “Oaksbury Inn (?) Davidic[torn label]” “XYe” 

Thanks for your support of the HEIR Project.


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