Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Infamous ‘Cutteslowe Walls’

HEIRtagger ‘Boarshill’ came across this photograph of the extraordinary Cutteslowe Walls. ‘Boarshill’ wrote: “This is one of the once-famous Cutteslowe Walls in north Oxford, built in 1934. They divided the City Council’s Cutteslowe estate from private housing to the west. The walls were demolished in 1938 but then rebuilt on the orders of a judge. […]

The Story Behind the Picture: Karakoram 1936

Our HEIRtagger sleuths have been at it again! This icy photograph from the Geography Library Collection at the Radcliffe Science Library is captioned “Gaskenbrum I (Streatfield) (1936) 280a”. Following up the clues, it turned out that the photographer was Captain N. Streatfield, from the French Karakoram expedition, 1936, and this photo is reproduced in Streatfield’s […]