The Infamous ‘Cutteslowe Walls’

HEIRtagger ‘Boarshill’ came across this photograph of the extraordinary Cutteslowe Walls.


ID 50215: “Cutteslowe Walls; 146; (44)” (Geography Collections, Radcliffe Science Library)

‘Boarshill’ wrote: “This is one of the once-famous Cutteslowe Walls in north Oxford, built in 1934. They divided the City Council’s Cutteslowe estate from private housing to the west. The walls were demolished in 1938 but then rebuilt on the orders of a judge. One wall was demolished again by a tank (by accident) during the war but again rebuilt. The walls were finally demolished in 1959. A blue plaque (2006) now marks a site at 34 Aldrich Road. A great cause célèbre, with lots of details on Oxford websites – see “Cutteslowe Walls”. Should be easy for a tagger to re-photograph!”

Many thanks to ‘Boarshill’ for drawing attention to this fascinating chapter in Oxford’s history.

Peter Collison published a detailed account of the Walls’ history in The Cutteslowe Walls: a Study in Social Class (Faber and Faber 1963)

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