One hillfort found, one still a mystery…

We’ve added some new photographic negatives to the HEIR collection. The negatives came from an envelope marked ‘O.G.S. Crawford’, but there was no further information about when or where the pictures were taken, though we think they date to the 1920s.

The images included these two views of hillforts:


HEIR ID 55324

Exhibit A – you can see the negative is not in particularly good condition – it has accumulated scratches over time, but they don’t detract from a view of a lonely house in a windswept landscape.


HEIR ID 55077

Exibit B: a hillfort on a low-lying landscape. You can just make out its banks and ditches on the skyline. There’s a river running across the middle ground, its course marked by trees. The white patches in the foreground field might help locate the image geographically – are we looking at chalky patches in the soil?

Professor Gary Lock of the Hillforts Study Group kindly sent the pictures round the membership for identification. The first was quickly and positively identified as Old Sarum, Wiltshire. We’d love to have a photo of it as it is today taken from the same position.

The second image has proven to be more of a challenge. Two suggestions are that it might be Chanctonbury Ring, Sussex, or perhaps Quarley Hill, Hampshire. It’s a puzzle still waiting to be solved.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.29.43There are many more ‘unknown’ views waiting to be identified on HEIR – go to HEIRtagger and search under ‘mystery destinations’ if you enjoy sleuthing!

Many thanks to the HFSG, especially Niall Sharples, Roger Mercer, Colin Haselgrove, Tim Champion, Christopher Sparey-Green, Philip Culver and David McOmish. Keep an eye on HEIR – we will be adding more hillfort images soon.


One comment

  1. We’re now wondering if the mystery image is Dumpdon Hill, Somerset – we came across this view (HEIR ID 55077) by Piggott in the HEIR archive:
    Can anyone comment?


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