A brief visual history of…

…the public convenience at York’s Bootham Bar.

When most people look at images like  this one:


…they see the towers of the fine cathedral at York, the impressive gate of the medieval city wall, or maybe their eye is caught by the posters advertising an ‘overcoat depot’ or the ‘York Herald – Daily’.

HEIRtaggers are made of different stuff – they really know how to go into the nitty-gritty of an image. This blog comes courtesy of brilliant tagger Boarshill, who gave us the following insight:

Fascinating to examine this older slide (39724) alongside HEIR’s more modern one (43701). In this older slide we see the gentleman’s urinal under the billboards; in the later photo it is still there but tucked away behind a newer-looking cabman’s shelter. It was then built under and into the stone steps which now run up to the wall, and is still there today, luxuriously modernised and no longer limited to men!

Catch up on more discussions from Boarshill and his fellow taggers at https://heirtagger.ox.ac.uk/discuss

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