Monthly Archives: May 2017

Looking skywards: Kendrew’s cloud photography

In the blog of March 2017 about the problems of 35mm slides it was noted that “ Archaeologists don’t have ‘holidays’, they just have extra time to visit sites. Archaeologists also deliberately take photographs of aspects of sites that non-archaeologists don’t usually capture”  The same is also true of Geographers! Any opportunity to extend their […]

Then and Now: the Acropolis, Athens

When we were setting up the HEIR project, photographer and archaeology student Persefoni Lesgidi volunteered to rephotograph some of our HEIR images of Athens, with unexpected results. The upper image shows the Erectheum at the Acropolis, Athens (HEIR ID 38087). Persefoni’s photograph illustrates the changes that have taken place between c1890, when George Washington Wilson recorded […]