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Then and Now: the Acropolis, Athens

When we were setting up the HEIR project, photographer and archaeology student Persefoni Lesgidi volunteered to rephotograph some of our HEIR images of Athens, with unexpected results. The upper image shows the Erectheum at the Acropolis, Athens (HEIR ID 38087). Persefoni’s photograph illustrates the changes that have taken place between c1890, when George Washington Wilson recorded […]

Comparing the past and the present: a room full of hypocaust pillars

This is an image from the Institute of Archaeology’s lantern slide collection of the Roman Villa at Chedworth, Gloucestershire. This lantern slide was made and sold by local commercial photographer Henry Taunt. Taunt (1842-1922) mainly photographed in Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley, and was a pioneer in both landscape and archaeological photography. HEIRtagger Martin Rush […]

Seeing Double? A Lantern Slide Mystery Solved

One of the benefits of digitising separate lantern slide collections and placing them all on one searchable database is that it makes it very easy to spot duplicate images. Looking through our HEIR image database (, we discovered two almost identical photographs of Istanbul, one from the Department for the History of Art, and one from the […]