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Outside the lens: photographing old buildings in their modern setting

A guest post by freelance photographer Samantha Obman, who is drawing on HEIR images as the inspiration for her latest work. Photography gives importance to an event or place when someone finds it meaningful and chooses to save/document it. As I have been working on rephotographing for the HEIR project in London, I have noticed similarities […]

Archaeology and Animals – The Second Temple of Hera, Paestum*

The celebrated Second Temple of Hera, built in the 5th century BC at the Greek colony at Paestum, Italy, is the cover image for our 2018 calendar. Mis-identified as the Temple of Poseidon on our lantern slide, the temple was one of several impressive structures within the Greek colonial city. It now stands within the […]

‘Then’ and ‘Now’ – exploring change

Then: 1894 Horse-drawn wagons pick their way through the floods of November 1894 towards the city, along the road into Oxford. Parts of the low-lying Abingdon Road lie over the 30-arched Norman bridge which gave its name to the area: Grandpont. The Norman bridge in turn replaced an earlier, Anglo-Saxon causeway. The sturdy brick-built terraced […]