Collections, Contributors, and Collaborators

HEIR is part of a growing network of individuals, projects and institutions who are contributing to the effort of saving and sharing forgotten photographs of archaeology, landscapes, environments and cultures from around the world. Supporters, contributors and collaborators include:


The Radcliffe Science Library, Oxford (teaching lantern slide collection of the Geography and Plant Science departments)

Harris Manchester College, Oxford (lantern slides)

The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (lantern slides and glass plate negatives)

The School of Archaeology, Oxford (lantern slides, glass plate negatives and 35mm slides from the teaching collection, featuring the personal photographic archives of J.L. Myres, Stuart Piggott, Shepherd Frere, I.A. Richmond, Christopher Hawkes, R.W. Wylie, and F. Hanford)

The Department of the History of Art, Oxford (lantern slides from the teaching collection)

Historic England (35mm teaching slide collection)

The British Museum (Tim Potter’s 35mm slide photographs of excavations and travels in the Mediterranean)

Individual contributors

Jerome Bertram (lantern slides from The Oratory, Woodstock Road, Oxford)

M.A. Cotton (personal 35mm slide collection of excavations in England c.1950-60)

Elizabeth Harrison (Martin Harrison’s 35mm slide collection of excavations and travels in Turkey, with a focus on Roman archaeology)

Matthew Jellings (lantern slides rescued from disposal)

Richard Logan (found glass plate negatives c.1880-1900 focusing on London and the English coast, plus stereoscopic photographs on card of South Africa c.1905)

Christine Mahany (personal 35mm slide collection of excavations and travels in England and Spain c.1960-1980)

John Nandris (personal 35mm slide collection featuring excavations and travels in Romania and Greece, c.1950-1990)

David Robinson (personal 35mm slide collection with a focus on ecclesiastical architecture in the British Isles and Northern France)

Ann Spencer (family glass plate negatives of life at Goring Lock, Oxfordshire)

Caroline Wickham-Jones (personal 35mm slide collection featuring excavations, experimental archaeology and travels, mostly Scotland c. 1970-1990)

Wolfgang Wild (donated lantern slides)

Andrew Wilson (personal 35mm slide collection featuring travels in North Africa, with a focus on Roman archaeology. c1980-90)

Linked projects

The EAMENA project:

‘Supported by the Arcadia Fund and the Cultural Protection Fund and based at the Universities of Oxford, Leicester, and Durham EAMENA was established in January 2015 to respond to the increasing threats to archaeological sites in the Middle East and North Africa. This project uses satellite imagery to rapidly record and make available information about archaeological sites and landscapes which are under threat.’

The NPAPH project:

‘The Non-Professional Archaeological Photographs project has the aim to preserve non-professional documentation of archaeological campaigns – prior to the 1980s – to the future and make it accessible to the public via digital archives. Furthermore, the project pleads for an international collaboration between archaeological institutions in order to connect these digital archives and bring them under the attention of the public by the use of this website.’

Do you have a collection to share?

We are committed to digitising and sharing old photographic collections of archaeological and heritage landscapes. If you have a collection which you would like to share through HEIR, please contact us. Through HEIR, your images will be available for research and keywording through HEIRtagger and available to view and share through HEIRonline:


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The HEIRtagger web platform offers partners to enhance the teaching and research value of any digitized collections by

  • broadening keyword classifications of datasets for efficient, interdisciplinary data-mining
  • creating comparative modern landscape and monument re-photographs
  • disseminating knowledge of their resource
  • contributing to a world-wide resource-sharing initiative
  • helping to generate new collaborative research projects

HEIR on-line

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 14.39.00The HEIR on-line database allows the public and researchers to:

  • search your images
  • download and share low resolution images


Please contact the project directors:

Dr Sally Crawford F.S.A.
Senior Research Fellow
The Institute of Archaeology
Oxford OX1 2PG
Dr Katharina Ulmschneider F.S.A.Senior Research FellowThe Institute of Archaeology
Oxford OX1 2PG
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