The HEIR team

The HEIR Team

Dr Sally Crawford and Dr Katharina Ulmschneider (Co-Directors) 

Dr Janice Kinory (Researcher)

Dr Tony Randall (IT)

KeepThinking (Content/Collection Management)


Roelie Reed

Pam England

Pat Day

Robert Petts

Ellen Higgs

Alice Jaspars

Amy Holguin


Everyone who has tagged an image or added a discussion (thank you!)


Advisory Board

Professor Heather Viles (Geography and Earth Sciences)

Victoria Brown (Department for the History of Art)

Dr Christine Madsen (Bodleian Library)

Dr Jas Elsner (Corpus Christi College)

Professor Chris Gosden (Institute of Archaeology, Oxford)

Angela Spinazze (Atspin Consulting)

Fiona Marshall (Fiona Marshall Consulting)

Jeremy Worth, Institute of Archaeology, Oxford  (HEIR on-line)


Contributing collections and collaborators

The Ashmolean Museum

The Beazley Archive

The Department for the History of Art

The Institute of Archaeology

Geography and Earth Sciences, the Radcliffe Science Library

The Plant Sciences Collections, the Radcliffe Science Library

Harris Manchester College, Oxford


The Oriental Institute, Oxford

The Matthew Jellings Collection

The Richard Logan Collection

The Andrew Wilson Collection

With grateful thanks to the Reva and David Logan Foundation and the Fell Fund for their generous support.

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